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​​You may mail a check , cashiers check or money order to:

 HOA Name
C/O APC Property Management
7676 Hillmont St, Suite 200

Houston, Texas 77040

Why should I use PayLease?

  • Eliminate the mailing and handling of checks
  • Ability to make payment with a credit card and earn more rewards including mileage points and cash back incentives
  • Customize payment notification reminders for upcoming payments
  • Flexibility of choosing the day of debit payment allows for better money management
  • Automatic payment eliminates late payments. One late fee can be more than over 2 years of PayLease Transaction fees!

APC Property Management

Need to request your balance? Please email or call 713-402-9056 Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00  PM

Ready to make a payment?
Click on the Paylease link below 

Processing Fees will Apply and billed by Paylease.
PayLease: 866-729-5327

Make A Payment

Resale Certificate:

Certificate Fee: $200.00

Resale Certificate Request Form pdf.

To request a resale certificate using Paylease: 

  1. Select the Paylease link.
  2. Create an Account - a new account (not the same user name if you use Paylease to pay your HOA fees)
  3. Fill out the * required sections.
  4. Select "*Resale Documents" under the "*Property" drop box
  5. ​Submit your payment.
  6. with the subject line: Resale Certificate (informing us of your payment). 

To request a resale certificate by cashiers check or money order:

  1. Mail Certificate fee
  2. Email: with the subject line: "Resale Certificate" informing us of your payment.